The American flag, which is affectionately referred to as "The Stars and Stripes" or "Old Glory," is a symbol of freedom and democracy recognized around the world. Designed by Betsy Ross in 1776, the American flag became the official symbol of our strength and commitment to democracy in 1777. While this flag has undergone numerous changes in order to represent the growing nation, it has always been a symbol of America's freedom and prosperity. You may send me your flag request by filling out your information and comments below.

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Size Material Quantity Flown Over the Capitol Quantity NOT Flown Over the Capitol
3'x5' Nylon @ $17 @ $10
3'x5' Cotton @ $18 @ $11
4'x6' Nylon @ $22 @ $15
5'x8' Nylon @ $27 @ $20
5'x8' Cotton @ $30 @ $23

If you choose to have your flag(s) flown over the United States Capitol, please complete the following information for the certificate.

Please do not request flags to be flown on a date more than six months from today.

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